Baobab, or known by most of us as “Kremetart”

I remember how we used to pick up the pods below the huge Baobab trees and break

them open to get to their precious seeds whenever we went to “Kremetart” areas. Not

realising just how nutritious the powdered coating around these seeds actually are and

that you can use them in your food!

The powder comes from the fruit pod of the Baobab tree, also known as "the Tree of Life". These massive trees grow wild throughout Africa and can apparently live up to 3000years! They survive in harsh climates by storing water in their trunks and condensing nutrients to their bark, leaves and fruit.


Baobab powder is a potent source of antioxidants and bioavailable nutrients (meaning

they are easily absorbed by your body). They are high in Vit. C, Potassium, Calcium

and Magnesium and contains a high dose of Prebiotic fiber.

No wonder it is also known as “the Tree of Life

In Botswana it is commonly used to make Yogurt but it has numerous other culinary

uses as well and is becoming popular as a superfood supplement.

Add some baobab powder to your favorite beverage or smoothie for an antioxidant rich

drink or sprinkle some over your yoghurt, fruit salad or oatmeal for breakfast. You can

even add baobab powder to baked goods, soup and desert!

Here are two cold and refreshing smoothies you can try out at home.


Blend the following in a smoothie blender and enjoy:

Baobab Berry Smoothie

● ½ Cup frozen berries

● 1 Tbsp. Baobab Powder

● 1 Cup Plain Yoghurt/ milk

● ½ Cup Crushed Ice

● ¼ Cup Orange juice

● 2 tsp Honey

● Serve with some fresh fruit & berries

Baobab Power Smoothie

● 2 Tbsp. Baobab powder

● 2 Tbsp. Peanut Butter

● 1 Frozen Banana

● 1 Tbsp. Honey

● ½ Cup Plain Yogurt

● ½ Cup Ice cold milk/ cream

● ½ Cup Crushed Ice

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