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Cameroon Country Onion... NOT an onion?

Are you getting bored with the spices in your pantry? Or are you perhaps out of ideas of

what spices to use to make your dishes more interesting…

Let me introduce you to a new, MUST HAVE, spice!

Africa is rich with culture, Wildlife and yes… spices! We truly have amazing spices on our

continent, and one of them is Cameroon Country Onion or known to most in Africa just as

Country Onion, Rondelles or Bobimbi.

"The onion of the Countryside", is a nut from a West African rain forest tree and not related

to onion at all. Women in particular are the main collectors, processors and sellers of

Country Onion seeds. The unpredictable availability of the seeds creates extreme price

variations which affect village economies.

Its scientific name is "Afrostyrax lepidophyllus". It has a smokey undertone and a very strong

garlic flavour.

It is a delicious alternative to onion and garlic powders and are very easy to use.

The nuts are ground and are very flavorful, thus should be added to food sparingly.

This spice is packed with nutrients and antioxidants. It is believed to be beneficial for heart

health, to help control blood sugar levels, contain cancer fighting compounds and to be


Wow, now that's a mouthful! ...or it will be after a delicious pasta, whole chicken or perhaps a

casserole made with some of this unique and flavorful spice.

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