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Grains of Selim

  • (Xylopia aethipica) Also known as hwentia, African-, Negro-,
    Kani- or Moor Pepper, other names includes Selim Kili Pepper,
    Udah Pods and Poivre de Sénégal.

    As a spice Grains of Selim pepper should always be used as a
    whole and ground up, as the hull of the fruit lends the spice with
    it’s aromatic notes whilst the seeds within lend pungency and
    bitterness to the flavour. Grind the spice before use. or infuse in butter or similar.

    The taste is often described as a mixture of cubeb pepper and nutmeg. The seeds have a musky flavor and are used as a pepper substitute. It is sometimes confused with grains of paradise. Paste from smoked and ground pods can be used as a spice rub for fish.

    • Tea along with ginger and cloves (Cameroon and Nigeria)
    • Shito - a spicy black pepper sauce
    • Touba Coffee (called Café Touba in French)
    • Fish
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